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Supermarket News Magazine Subscribers

67,046 TOTAL USA SUBSCRIBERS @ $ 150.00 / M

PROFILE: Subscribers to SUPERMARKET NEWS magazine ($23/yr weekly), published by Penton Business Media for executive decision makers in the national supermarket industry. Editorial content covers fresh foods, grocery and home health retailing and includes reports on stocks, financials, retail marketing, retail systems, supply chain, fresh meals, produce, dairy, meat, seafood, deli, bakery, grocery, frozen, general merchandise, video and HBC/pharmacy.

SELECTION: State/SCF/Zip selections @ $10/M+ ($75 minimum); business, job function, employee size, store location & management responsibility selections @ $15/M+ each; tel number available @ $60/M+; random sample @ N/C.

ADDRESSING: Standard record includes individual name of recipients, company name, business street/PO address, city, state and Zip code.

RESTRICTIONS: One-time use only; sample mailing required. Mailer and/or lettershop security agreement required. Exchange or reciprocal rental required.

TERMS: ADVANCE PAYMENT WITH FIRST ORDER. Mailers due 30 days from invoice date. Cancellations subject to return of order BEFORE MAILING DATE and may be subject to RUNNING, SHIPPING and/or PENALTY CHARGES. Cancellations AFTER MAIL DATE subject to all rental and shipping charges.

We believe this information is accurate. However, NO WARRANTY is implied nor are results guaranteed from rental or use of this mailing list.

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$50+/yr subscription fee

E-mail delivery @ $75/F+

5 characters @ $3/M+

Inquire for details

7,500 records

7 working days from receipt of a fully documented mailing list order and prepayment (if required).

Supermarket News Magazine Subscribers

67,046 TOTAL USA SUBSCRIBERS @ $ 150.00 / M

Seg#TypeDescriptionCountAddtl Charge
052TELRecords With Tel Numbers32,68860.00/M +
053BUSRetailer-HQ/Field Personnel11,29015.00/M +
054BUSRetailer-Store Level Mgmt1,82815.00/M +
055BUSWholesaler1,64615.00/M +
056BUSFood Broker53715.00/M +
057BUSManufacturer/Supplier2,42715.00/M +
058BUSFood Association11615.00/M +
059BUSAdvertising Agency23815.00/M +
060BUSGovernment Agency2615.00/M +
061BUSFinancial Institution77815.00/M +
062BUSEducational Institution5115.00/M +
063BUSMiscellaneous Businesses015.00/M +
064JFCPresident/Owner6,29615.00/M +
065JFCExecutive VP/Senior VP/VP1,13815.00/M +
066JFCBuyer/Merchandiser22215.00/M +
067JFCVice President Marketing14815.00/M +
068JFCOther HQ Personnel86215.00/M +
069JFCStore Manager8,24515.00/M +
070JFCTrade Mkgt Dir/Brand Manager22315.00/M +
071JFCDepartment Manager18215.00/M +
072JFCOther Store Personnel7515.00/M +
073JFCSales Representative57215.00/M +
074JFCVP Marketing015.00/M +
075JFCTrade Mktng/Brand/Product Mgr015.00/M +
076JFCPromotion/Merchandising Mgr3115.00/M +
077JFCTechnology/IT/CIO/MIS2615.00/M +
078JFCMiscellaneous Job Functions68915.00/M +
079EMP1-100 Employees3,22115.00/M +
080EMP101-1,000 Employees2,10615.00/M +
081EMP1,001-5,000 Employees84315.00/M +
082EMP5,001+ Employees1,39415.00/M +
083ESTSingle Store Location1,21515.00/M +
084EST2-3 Store Locations46915.00/M +
085EST4-10 Store Locations63515.00/M +
086EST11-50 Store Locations1,17815.00/M +
087EST51-200 Store Locations3,83215.00/M +
088EST201+ Store Locations12,16215.00/M +
089RESProduce Dept Responsibility2,21915.00/M +
090RESBakery Dept Responsibility1,48515.00/M +
091RESHealth & Beauty Dept Rspnsblty1,13915.00/M +
092RESGeneral Merchandise Rspnsblty1,34515.00/M +
093RESDairy Dept Responsibility1,42215.00/M +
094RESDeli Dept Responsibility1,54715.00/M +
095RESPrivate Label Responsibility1,75015.00/M +
096RESGrocery Dept Responsibility2,20415.00/M +
097RESFrozen Food Dpt Responsibility1,69215.00/M +
098RESDirect From Store Delivery90115.00/M +
099RESMIS Equipment35915.00/M +
100RESMeat Dept Responsibility73015.00/M +
101RESVideo Dept Responsibility11715.00/M +
102RESPharmacy Dept Responsibility52115.00/M +
103RESAll Of Above Responsibilies1,06415.00/M +
104RESMiscellaneous Responsibilities1,05615.00/M +

Supermarket News Magazine Subscribers

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