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Global Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Scientists Database (Email)

8,000,000 EMAIL ADDRESSES @ $ 100.00 / M

PROFILE: International researchers in the fields of life science, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, forensic and industrial markets. List is compiled through unique data mining techniques that consolidates the researchers contact and research information. Functional areas include product marketing, brand marketing, IT, operations, finance, compliance, R&D, QA/QC and HR within targeted companies. Titles include C-level execs, Sr VP's, Exec VP's, researchers, lab managers, engineers, researchers and primary investigators. Individual research techniques such as spectroscopy, chromatography etc available. NOTE: Owner is able to do unique keyword searchs to drilldown to your specifications. Inquire for details.

SELECTION: State/SCF/Zip, country, business, field of research, techniques, titles and job function at N/C. Unique keyword searches available. Contact us for more info

ADDRESSING: Standard record includes name of individual recipient, company/organization name, business street/PO address, city, state, and Zip code and email address.

RESTRICTIONS: Email broadcast must be deployed by list owne Consult your broker for additional restrictions.

TERMS: PREPAYMENT REQUIRED WITH EACH ORDER. Order MAY NOT BE CANCELLED after submission to list owner. Once submitted to list owner, ALL orders for this list are subject to ALL RENTAL and SHIPPING CHARGES.

We believe this information is accurate. However, NO WARRANTY is implied nor are results guaranteed from rental or use of this mailing list.

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Deployment @ $80/M+
Tracking @ $25/F+
Suppression @ $150/F+
Personalization @ N/C

not available

not available

5,000 records

7 working days from receipt of a fully documented mailing list order and prepayment (if required).

Global Biotech, Pharmaceutical and Scientists Database (Email)

8,000,000 EMAIL ADDRESSES @ $ 100.00 / M

Seg#TypeDescriptionCountAddtl Charge
052JFCProduct Managers1.00/M +
053JFCBrand Managers1.00/M +
054JFCClinical Researchers1.00/M +
055JFCAuthors - Scientific Journals1.00/M +
056JFCResearch & Development1.00/M +
057JFCMedical Affairs1.00/M +
058JFCTraining & Development1.00/M +
059JFCGovernment1.00/M +
060JFCCompliance & Regulatory1.00/M +
061JFCScientific Functions1.00/M +
062JFCIT1.00/M +
063JFCExecutive Marketing1.00/M +
064JFCSupply Chain Management1.00/M +
065JFCProcurement1.00/M +
066JFCOperations1.00/M +
067JFCFinance1.00/M +
068JFCC-Level Executives1.00/M +
069JFCSr/Exec Vice President1.00/M +
070JFCResearchers1.00/M +
071JFCLab Managers1.00/M +
072JFCPharma Engineers1.00/M +
073TOBGLobal Scientists Database1.00/M +
074TOBUS Pharma Biotech Decision Mak1.00/M +
075TOBGlobal Biotech database1.00/M +
076TOBGlobal Biotech Distributers1.00/M +
077TOBGenomics & Proteomics Lab Mgrs1.00/M +
078TOBUS Active Grant Recipients1.00/M +
079TOBDoctors1.00/M +
080TOBVendors1.00/M +
081TOBUS University Bioscience Rsrch1.00/M +
082TOBTissue Culture Companies1.00/M +
083TOBInstitutional Purchasing Mgrs1.00/M +
084TOBAntibody Manuf/Distributers1.00/M +
085TOBDiagnostic Market1.00/M +
086TOBEnzyme Manuf/Distributers1.00/M +
087TOBChemicals Manuf/Distributers1.00/M +
088TOBBiokits Manuf/Distributers1.00/M +
089TOBHerbal Manufacturers1.00/M +
091TECIC-ICP-MS1.00/M +
092TECFT-IR1.00/M +
093TECNear-IR1.00/M +
094TECNMR1.00/M +
095TECHPIC1.00/M +
096TECGC1.00/M +
097TECGC-MS1.00/M +
098TECUHPLC1.00/M +
099TECLC-MS1.00/M +
100TECLC-MS1.00/M +
101TECUV-Vis1.00/M +
102TECXRF1.00/M +

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