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American Psychiatric Association Members/Non-Members

270,490 TOTAL WORLDWIDE MEMBERS @ $ 190.00 / M

PROFILE: Members of the AMERICAN PSYCHIATRIC ASSOCIATION (APA) who are psychiatrists dealing in a wide variety of interests, and offering an equally wide variety of clinical services and treatments. NOTE: Once order has shipped, it can't be cancelled; all charges will apply.

SELECTION: State/SCF/ZIP, area of interest and clinical services offered @ $20/M+ for first 3 selections and $10/M+ for subsequent selections; random sample @ $10/M+.

ADDRESSING: Standard record includes name of individual member, home/business street/PO address, city, state and ZIP code.

RESTRICTIONS: One-time use only; sample mailing required. Consult your broker for additional restrictions. Exchange or reciprocal rental required.

TERMS: PREPAYMENT REQUIRED WITH EACH ORDER. Order MAY NOT BE CANCELLED after submission to list owner. Once submitted to list owner, ALL orders for this list are subject to ALL RENTAL and SHIPPING CHARGES.

We believe this information is accurate. However, NO WARRANTY is implied nor are results guaranteed from rental or use of this mailing list.

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Postal addresses


Not available

Email delivery @ $90/F+

6 characters @ $10/M+
(Minimum charge of $30/F
and only one key code
per order)

Not available

$400 minimum order value

15 working days from receipt of a fully documented mailing list order and prepayment (if required).

American Psychiatric Association Members/Non-Members

270,490 TOTAL WORLDWIDE MEMBERS @ $ 190.00 / M

Seg#TypeDescriptionCountAddtl Charge
052INTADHD, Adult2,70325.00/M +
053INTADHD, Child1,46625.00/M +
054INTAdjustment Disorders7,16025.00/M +
055INTAdministration2,02925.00/M +
056INTAdolescents5,91725.00/M +
057INTAdoption/Foster Care50825.00/M +
058INTAdults12,50925.00/M +
059INTAIDS/HIV1,74825.00/M +
060INTAlcohol/Substance Abuse Treatm6,41225.00/M +
061INTAnxiety/Panic/Phobic Disorders9,99625.00/M +
062INTAutism/Pervasive Developmental2,27825.00/M +
063INTBiofeedback38125.00/M +
064INTBrain Imaging/Neurophys Asmts1,59825.00/M +
065INTChildhood Behavior Disorders1,17925.00/M +
066INTChildren3,96725.00/M +
067INTCommunity/Social Psychiatry4,03125.00/M +
068INTComplementary/Alternative Medi34625.00/M +
069INTConsultation1,78825.00/M +
070INTConsultation to Community/Orga2,58625.00/M +
071INTConsultation to Nonpsych Mntl9,39025.00/M +
072INTConsultation-Liaison Psychiatr5,15725.00/M +
073INTCultural Psychiatry2,82825.00/M +
074INTDelirium/Dementia/Other Cognit2,07425.00/M +
075INTDiagnostic Assessment/Evaluati11,76825.00/M +
076INTDissociative Disorders3,91025.00/M +
077INTEating Disorders4,15225.00/M +
078INTElectroconvulsive Therapy1,81825.00/M +
079INTEmergency Psychiatry3,57825.00/M +
080INTFamily/Couple/Relational Prob6,83725.00/M +
081INTGay/Lesbian/Bisexual Issues1,61625.00/M +
082INTGeriatric Adults5,90125.00/M +
083INTHypnosis1,05625.00/M +
084INTImpulse Control Disorders3,24925.00/M +
085INTIndustrial Psychiatry86825.00/M +
086INTLearning Disorders1,90025.00/M +
087INTMental Retardation/Development2,17925.00/M +
088INTMood Disorders11,20225.00/M +
098INTMovement Disorders2,96525.00/M +
099INTNeurology/Neuropsychiatry/Neur2,58725.00/M +
100INTPain Disorders2,53225.00/M +
101INTPersonality Disorders6,88225.00/M +
102INTPharmacotherapy13,31425.00/M +
103INTPost-Traumatic Stress Disorder7,87825.00/M +
104INTPsychological Testing74825.00/M +
105INTPsychotherapy14,06025.00/M +
106INTPsychotherapy-Behavioral4,04525.00/M +
107INTPsychotherapy-Cognitive6,00325.00/M +
108INTPsychotherapy-Interpersonal1,66525.00/M +
109INTPsychotherapy-Psychoanalysis2,39625.00/M +
110INTPsychotherapy-Short term8,62525.00/M +
111INTPsychotherapy-Psychodynamic2,27325.00/M +
112INTPsychotherapy-Other94425.00/M +
113INTSexual Disorders/Paraphilias2,56525.00/M +
114INTSleep Disorders/Polysomnograph2,31625.00/M +
115INTSomatoform Disorders3,84125.00/M +
116INTSuicide/Self-Injury/Aggressive5,39025.00/M +
117INTWomen's Issues3,14725.00/M +
118INTExperience Using Interpreters65725.00/M +
119INTGender Identity Issues56425.00/M +
120INTImpaired Professionals1,19225.00/M +
121INTMedical/Psychiatric Disorders3,15125.00/M +
122INTMen's Issues96125.00/M +
123INTMinority Issues73625.00/M +
124INTObsessive-Compulsive Disorders3,59825.00/M +
125INTOpioid Treatment/Methadone Cln54125.00/M +
126INTOther34125.00/M +
127INTReligion/Spiritual Issues2,25525.00/M +
128INTResearch1,23125.00/M +
129INTSchizophrenia/Psychotic Disord7,44525.00/M +
130INTSensory Impaired Populations19125.00/M +
131INTSex Therapy16825.00/M +
132INTTeaching2,47225.00/M +
133INTTraumatic Brain Injury1,30325.00/M +
134INTVagal Nerve Stimulation17325.00/M +
501ITLTotal Intrntl (ex USA/Canada)1,37325.00/M +
526CTYCanada1,19025.00/M +

American Psychiatric Association Members/Non-Members

  1. Medical, Dental, Health Professionals

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