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American Laboratory Magazine Recipients

33,402 TOTAL USA RECIPIENTS @ $ 160.00 / M

PROFILE: Recipients of AMERICAN LABORATORY JOURNAL (controlled monthly), published by LabCompare for analytical chemists, life scientists and applied spectroscopists employed in industrial, academic & government laboratories. Articles are written by scientists who are authorities in the field of laboratory instrumentation and focus on detailed applications of new and existing instrumentation. The journal also contains supplemental sections specializing in chromatography and spectroscopy. Includes recipients of AMERICAN BIOTECHNOLOGY LABORATORY JOURNAL postal list which was discountinued in January 2011. See list #6916 for email records

SELECTION: State/SCF/Zip @ $15/M+; job title @ $20/M+; discipline, job location, products used & work area selections @ $25/M+ each; tel numbers @ $50/M+; random sample @ N/C.

ADDRESSING: Standard record includes name of individual recipient, company name, home or business street/PO address (not selectable), city, state and Zip code.

RESTRICTIONS: One-time use only; sample mailing required. Mailer and/or lettershop security agreement required.

TERMS: ADVANCE PAYMENT WITH FIRST ORDER. Mailers due 30 days from invoice date. Cancellations subject to return of order BEFORE MAILING DATE and may be subject to RUNNING, SHIPPING and/or PENALTY CHARGES. Cancellations AFTER MAIL DATE subject to all rental and shipping charges.

We believe this information is accurate. However, NO WARRANTY is implied nor are results guaranteed from rental or use of this mailing list.

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Controlled circulation

Email delivery @ $65/M+

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5,000 records

5 working days from receipt of a fully documented mailing list order and prepayment (if required).

American Laboratory Magazine Recipients

33,402 TOTAL USA RECIPIENTS @ $ 160.00 / M

Seg#TypeDescriptionCountAddtl Charge
052TLELab Director/Manager14,51820.00/M +
053TLELaboratory Purchaser1,23220.00/M +
054TLEResearch Technician2,59620.00/M +
055TLEResearch Scientist13,79520.00/M +
056TLEOther9,71420.00/M +
057LOCAcademia11,59825.00/M +
058LOCGovernment5,02825.00/M +
059LOCIndustrial17,29225.00/M +
060LOCResearch Institution3,29825.00/M +
061LOCOther Job Location4,55725.00/M +
062WRKChemicals11,96325.00/M +
063WRKEnvironmental Research8,81025.00/M +
064WRKFood3,73725.00/M +
065WRKForensics2,63925.00/M +
066WRKHospital Lab/Med Lab/Private4,03025.00/M +
067WRKMaterials Testing7,73225.00/M +
068WRKNuclear1,11125.00/M +
069WRKPharma/Medicinal Chemistry8,61125.00/M +
070WRKUniversity7,01625.00/M +
071WRKQA/QC7,27925.00/M +
072WRKGenetic Technology3,49725.00/M +
073WRKBioprocessing3,34325.00/M +
074WRKDiagnostics5,73325.00/M +
075WRKDrug Discovery/Clinical Trials5,32125.00/M +
076WRKBioprocessing3,34325.00/M +
077WRKNeuroscience2,06925.00/M +
079WRKProteomics2,35125.00/M +
080WRKPhototronics1,17025.00/M +
081WRKOther Work Area5,14425.00/M +
082DISBiochemistry Discipline6,83925.00/M +
083DISBioinformatics Discipline1,20625.00/M +
084DISBiology Discipline5,47625.00/M +
085DISBiophysics Discipline1,51325.00/M +
086DISBiotechnology Discipline3,61025.00/M +
087DISBotany Discipline75925.00/M +
088DISCell Biology Discipline2,58625.00/M +
089DISAnalytical Chemistry11,02925.00/M +
090DISBioanalytical Chemistry2,22625.00/M +
091DISClinical Chemistry Discipline1,99925.00/M +
092DISInorganic Chemistry Discipline5,18125.00/M +
093DISOrganic Chemistry Discipline5,18125.00/M +
094DISPhysical Chemistry Discipline2,51025.00/M +
095DISPolymer Chemistry Discipline2,26625.00/M +
096DISClinical Diagnostics/Hematolgy1,93625.00/M +
097DISChemical Engineerng Discipline2,03325.00/M +
098DISOther Engineering Discipline1,85225.00/M +
099DISGenetics Discipline2,21125.00/M +
100DISImmunology Discipline2,47925.00/M +
101DISMetallurgy Discipline84425.00/M +
102DISMicrobiology Discipline4,39825.00/M +
103DISMolecular Biology Discipline3,77825.00/M +
104DISPathology Discipline1,38825.00/M +
105DISPharmacology Discipline2,14725.00/M +
106DISPhysics Discipline1,13125.00/M +
107DISToxicology Discipline1,99225.00/M +
108DISVirology Discipline96625.00/M +
109DISOther Disciplines4,12225.00/M +
110PIFCell/Tissue Culture Products2,48125.00/M +
111PIFGas Chromatography3,38125.00/M +
112PIFChromatography GC/MS2,15525.00/M +
113PIFChromatography HPLC Systems3,27525.00/M +
114PIFIon Chromatography1,93425.00/M +
115PIFLiquid Chromatography2,91025.00/M +
116PIFChromatography LC/MS1,62825.00/M +
117PIFLow Pressure Chromatography99225.00/M +
118PIFDNA Symthesizers82425.00/M +
119PIFElectrophoresis Systems2,40625.00/M +
120PIFImmunoassay Equipment1,93725.00/M +
121PIFMicroplate Devices2,04925.00/M +
122PIFMicroscopes5,22525.00/M +
123PIFPCR Kits1,98825.00/M +
124PIFProtein Synthesizers66425.00/M +
125PIFAA Spectrometers1,97425.00/M +
126PIFFTIR Spectrometers2,52025.00/M +
127PIFICP Spectrometers1,65425.00/M +
128PIFICP-MS Spectrometers99925.00/M +
129PIFMass Spectrometers2,90225.00/M +
130PIFUV-VIS Spectrometers4,02225.00/M +
131PIFTitrators2,17625.00/M +
132PIFElectrophoresis2,40625.00/M +

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